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Fact Sheet: Managed Custom Inventory

Fact Sheet

Don’t Let the Lack of Spare Devices Paralyze Your Workflows

Many organizations struggle to manage their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, scanners, ruggedized, wearables, and accessory inventories—whether deployed in the field or a spares pool. Common problems include knowing where devices and accessories are, their current status, and having a comprehensive program to track replacements. Many organizations rely on a confusing assortment of platforms to track inventory, device status, assignment, location, and repair progress.

Then there are the challenges of configuring, kitting, enrolling, provisioning, and redeploying replacement devices. Typically, when a replacement is required, resources are needed to either procure a new device or pull one from inventory to configure, kit, enroll, provision, and ship it. What happens to the broken device in the field? What about the data on the device? Organizations can no longer afford to have equipment floating around unaccounted for and must have a strategy to manage their mobility inventory.

Put All the Pieces Together with Stratix Managed Inventory

The Stratix Specialty Products Group has been engineering, designing, and creating customized accessories and Stratix can manage your inventory in multiple ways to suit your specific workflows and organizational structure. We also offer programs that are incident-based for return material authorizations (RMAs). Through our exclusive itrac360 platform, we give you complete visibility of all your devices 24x7x365, whether they’re in spare pool inventory, repair, or transit. It’s useful data you can leverage to improve your mobility programs and ROI.


  • No single platform to manage inventory
  • Dispersed inventory
  • Out of control costs
  • Tardy deployments


  • itrac360 gives you one easy-to-use platform for complete inventory management, tracking, and analytics
  • Managed centralized inventory, with the ability to deliver out-of-the-box-ready devices for new hires and replacement requirements overnight
  • Our expertise with OEMs ensures we keep the proper number of spares readily available for deployment, reducing downtime and device costs
  • We have the expertise, scale, and known methodologies to deliver successful mobile programs regardless of size—and the track record to prove it

Stratix Services

Managed Inventory
  • Stratix Managed Inventory
    • A single pool to manage the same devices across different use cases, that are in a ‘ready’ state keeping inventory costs low and affecting the fastest turnaround.
  • Flexible customer-defined inventories
    • Stratix provides multiple inventory types to meet the needs of customers where beneficial
    • Inventories of new devices to be deployed for customer defined use cases
    • Different spare pool inventories in a ‘ready’ state may be refurbished devices, RMA only, separated by use case
Return Authorization Programs
  • Advanced exchange
    • White-glove, a device is shipped overnight with a return label
  • Exchange upon receipt
    • A replacement device is shipped once we receive the RMA device
  • Exchange upon notification
    • A replacement device is shipped once the freight carrier notifies us the RMA device has shipped

Key Business Benefits

  • itrac360 provides access 24x7x365 for real-time management and reporting on the organization’s mobility ecosystem, RMA submittal, and device repair statuses
  • Certified and trained enterprise experts to repair devices and manage the repair process with OEMs to ensure a speedy return back to spare pool and readily available for deployment
  • Flexible and scalable inventory models to meet the organization’s business requirements
  • OEM expertise and knowledge to securely wipe, unenroll, and repair devices to OEM specifications
  • Have pre-configured devices ready to ship, reducing end-user downtime and workflow disruptions
  • One-stop-shop to manage the organization’s inventory and process device replacements
Managed Inventory

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. We’re a single point of contact with best-in-class customer ratings that can ensure you always have a ready-to-go spare pool of devices available. Our Advanced Exchange team quickly deploys equipment wherever it needs to go to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.