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Itrac360 Asset Management

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Designed from the ground up to be an extensible asset management platform that presents a single view of your devices across your entire mobile ecosystem. 

When organizations don’t have a comprehensive mobile asset management system, it can lead to problems like broken mobile devices not getting repaired or spare pool inventories falling too low. itrac360 is a real-time web platform for IT asset tracking and management that quickly gives you the information you need in one dashboard. See the status of every mobile device, from procurement, provisioning, and activation to repair, technical support, and decommissioning. It’s a holistic mobile asset management system that empowers you to effectively track and manage your mobility solutions and maximize your ROI. 


Enterprise mobility solutions are complex. Users and devices are often dispersed, and it’s hard to quickly evaluate the health and effectiveness of mobile technology programs. To be sure you’re getting the results and ROI you want, you need complete end-to-end visibility to see where devices are, who’s using them, and where they are in their lifecycle.

Stratix solves for that with our proprietary itrac360 platform. From one easy-to-use dashboard that you can customize,
you get a complete view of every mobile device in your enterprise from big picture to small detail. You know where everything is from the point of acquisition to provisioning, deployment, support, and repair.

There is a powerful search bar along with pre-set reports to choose from—or you can set up your own. Adding filters lets you drill down to exactly the information you’re looking for quickly. When a device needs service, itrac360 can manage and monitor the return authorization status from issuing a replacement device to tracking current repair activities.

You can even track your end user help desk calls real time, incident volume, reported problems, end user information, and resolution outcomes. Itrac360 is a powerful tool for spare pool management so you always have just the right number of spare devices to minimize downtime and excess inventory. Everything is visible to help you see histories, identify trends, and make informed strategic decisions about your programs. Set up custom alerts so that when thresholds are crossed itrac360. will send proactive messages for timely decisions to keep your mobile operations running smoothly.

itrac360 delivers the real-time information and insights your organization needs for comprehensive asset management across your enterprise mobility solutions. Call Stratix today and let us show you how itrac3060 can revolutionize your asset management.