Large Retailer Uses iPhone SEs for Inventory Management - Stratix

Large Retailer Improves Inventory Management with iPhone SE Devices

Case Study

Staying on an Apple platform makes the move seamless and easy 

The Challenge 

For many years, employees at one of the nation’s leading retailers used the iPod touch with a scanning sled attachment for inventory management. The challenge was the combination became unreliable. The scanners frequently broke down, and as the iPods aged, battery life was becoming an issue.  

The Ask 

The company needed a more robust and dependable enterprise-quality solution that could be quickly deployed. The solution needed to be easy-to-use and “enterprise-grade” to stand up to the sometimes harsh retail environment where devices are shared and frequently dropped. 

The Solution 

Stratix and Apple solved the problem with 4,500 iPhone SE devices, which do not require an accessory for inventory scanning. Using Scandit software with the iPhone camera, employees have an enterprise-grade barcode scanner in an all-in-one device, enabling them to scan faster and more accurately. The addition of Otterbox cases makes the phones rugged and capable of withstanding harsh conditions. 

Working through supply chain challenges together with Apple, Stratix procured the devices and set them up at our Atlanta-based Mobile Integration Center using our automated provisioning tool with Apple Business Manager and VMWare Workspace One. They were then delivered out-of-the-box ready to stores across the country.  

The retailer also relies on Stratix for ongoing lifecycle services, including break/fix support for the iPhones and spare pool management. If a device fails, we send out a fully configured replacement by the next day to minimize any downtime. 

The Result 

Stratix successfully replaced all of the retailer’s underperforming devices quickly. By staying on an Apple platform, the move was seamless, and employees were already familiar with the devices. 

The new iPhone is far more reliable and trouble-free thanks to the internal camera with the Scandit software instead of a peripheral device. 

The company is achieving expected outcomes, employees are spending less time seeking technical support, repair costs have decreased, and they are seeing a quick return on their investment.