Nation's Largest Outdoor Specialty Store - Stratix

Nation’s Largest Outdoor Specialty Store

Case Study

Deploying, managing, and supporting tablets to more than 175 stores


This market leader had a business-critical need to “save the sale” that would otherwise go to a competitor. Consumers would frequently come into their store in order to view and handle desired merchandise, only to price shop from their mobile device, leave the store, and order online from a competitor.


Stratix deployed more than 400 tablets to just over 175 stores, allowing sales associates to “save the sale” by real-time price matching competitors’ prices. Customers who planned to purchase the merchandise elsewhere now purchase directly from the sales associate’s tablet. Stratix’s admin solution ensures the tablets’ EMM solution is running at top efficiency, while the Assist service provides 24/7 support should an issue arise.


In addition to the “save the sale” initiative, these tablets have nearly replaced all cash registers nationwide while significantly increasing the customer experience. Moreover, commission-based sales associates appreciate the reduction in transaction time, increasing overall revenue by 15%.

The retail chain credits Stratix with flawless execution of the “save the sale” initiative with plans to partner on future initiatives, including a customer queuing initiative in which personal registration for the purchase of firearms is done via a mobile kiosk as well as a loyalty rewards program.