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Mobile Technology for Ambulatory Surgery Success


Success in ambulatory surgery centers depends on great patient outcomes delivered as efficiently and accurately as possible. Using old methods that are heavy on paperwork means things go slower – there’s less efficiency, there are more chances of manual mistakes, and there’s no digital tracking. You need more staff.

Patient experiences—when they’re already anxious about needing a medical procedure—aren’t as good as they could be, and your operations cost you more.

Stratix and Zebra have joined forces to solve those problems with best-in-class mobile technology and support. Using mobile devices, scanners, and printers, everything is faster and more accurate, beginning with check-in.

Automated data capture speeds patient identification, medication delivery, specimen collection, and more.

Real-time information is right at the caregiver’s fingertips, like patient records, lab results, and imaging.

Leveraging the data lets you improve workflows to increase the number of patients that can be seen and better forecast needs like medication and supplies.

Procedures go smoothly when everything is digitized. Patient care and satisfaction improve because they can quickly get their questions and concerns addressed. Just like an on-call doctor, Stratix Help Desk technicians are always standing by to help solve any technical glitches and minimize downtime.

We also offer complete and simply priced technology packages with full device lifecycle management. You will see more procedures and more revenue, better regulatory compliance, higher safety, and happy patients.

With end-to-end management of Zebra mobile ambulatory surgery care from Stratix.