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Mobile Technology for Home Healthcare Success


Success in home healthcare depends on your people AND productive workflows. When caregivers rely on outdated technology, it adds hours to their workload.

Caregivers are rushed to scribble instructions on paper. Which lowers the quality of care.

Mobile devices help, but they must work. When they’re slow, hard to use, or break often, they just add to caregivers’ frustrations—especially when poor support channels make it hard to get help.

This contributes to employee retention problems in the industry and productivity problems hurt the organization’s bottom line.

Stratix and Zebra have joined forces to solve those problems with best-in-class mobile technology and support like…

Intelligent scheduling and routing to get caregivers where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

Fast access to electronic health records and collaboration applications that makes visits go faster and smoother.

Mobile device peripherals automate tasks like collecting vital sign information. Lightweight printers make it easy to leave clear instructions with the patient that they can refer to later.

If there ARE technology challenges, Stratix has easy-to-reach technicians standing by to help. We also offer complete and simply priced technology packages with full device lifecycle management.

We handle solution design, procurement, deployment, and day-to-day device service. Your employees will thank you and their productivity will increase along with your bottom line.

With end-to-end management of Zebra mobile health solutions from Stratix.