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How Stratix Solves Retail Mobile Technology Complexity with Enterprise Mobility Management 

Written by Ian Slack


Retailers now use mobile technology in just about every area of their operations. From inventory and logistics to customer service, you’ll see tablets, smartphones, scanners, IoT devices, and mobile printers. Mobile devices improve productivity, bring greater accuracy to inventory management, produce vast amounts of valuable data, and help retailers create the kind of seamless experiences between digital and brick-and-mortar that customers expect. 

The challenge is most retail companies have added mobile solutions piecemeal. For example, they may have used mobile scanners before the pandemic for inventory operations. With COVID, they quickly added rugged tablets paired with mobile printers to enable curbside pickup. Some have added IoT sensors to get more data about inventory and customer movements on the sales floor. Now, they have multiple systems, each with its own devices and management platforms. There’s so much mobile technology in retail operations now that IT teams struggle to stay on top of all the associated tasks. 

How Stratix Solves the Challenge   

When retailers come to Stratix for help, we streamline and simplify mobile device management with solutions like the SOTI One Platform, which connects everything and enables the management of all systems and devices from one place. Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) team evaluates retailers’ technology environments and designs strategies tailored to their specific needs. 

Instead of using a hodgepodge of platforms, SOTI One gives our customers the ability to:  

  • Holistically manage current technology 
  • Easily deploy new devices 
  • Roll out additional applications or update existing ones 
  • Control who has access to company apps and date 
  • Identify and neutralize security risks 
  • Minimize downtime  

From a single pane of glass, retailers know where everything is, who’s using what, and how technology is performing. 

Stratix retail solutions go beyond endpoint management. We combine SOTI tools with our industry-leading device lifecycle and support services. For example, if an associate has a problem with a device, our help desk technicians use SOTI MobiControl to see remotely what’s going on with the equipment in real time. They quickly troubleshoot issues and get the employee back up and running. It reduces downtime and limits the number of devices that are returned for repair for problems that can be solved remotely. 

If a device can’t be fixed using EMM, we offer solutions like a spare pool of preconfigured equipment that’s ready to go out of the box and can be shipped overnight, anywhere in the country. Our proprietary itrac360 platform enables IT managers to see the status of their entire mobile device environment, including spare pool levels, order tracking, asset location, help desk incidents, repair history, and more—going far beyond simple reporting. 

Great Business Outcomes 

Managing all mobile retail technology from a single pane of glass like SOTI One cuts through the overwhelming complexity for our customers. Because Stratix is proactive, not reactive, we can spot issues before they lead to downtime and prevent problems like security breaches. 

Our retail customers tell us a holistic strategy enables them to get the full value of mobile technology investments and create the kinds of user and customer experiences they want. When everything is running together smoothly, retailers are rewarded with higher efficiency and better customer journeys—resulting in more sales and higher brand loyalty. 

Because we handle the day-to-day administration of EMM solutions, including upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting, IT staffers can focus on innovation and growth activities. They’re looking to the future and what new advantages you can gain from mobile retail technology and not stuck trying to stay on top of the technology they already have. If you’d like to learn more about Stratix endpoint management solutions, please reach out to us today