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Distribute Technology Easily with the Stratix Portal

Solution Brief

One-Stop Shopping Streamlines Purchasing

Stratix does away with complicated procurement processes with our simple-to-use ordering portal where users browse options, select what they need, and check out. It’s a customizable experience that empowers you to automate and streamline procurement—saving time and resources while ensuring accuracy.

Choose the Use Cases

  • Purchasing devices
    An eCommerce-like experience for organizations like franchises to order devices and services from Stratix
  • Big deployments
    Manage large orders and rollouts. Empower users to choose options and schedule delivery times
  • Small orders
    Send items from your existing inventory on an as-needed basis to employees or user groups

Customize as You Need

  • Put together catalogues with bundles of devices and peripherals, offer a la carte, or both
  • Brand the portal for your organization—or any way you want
  • Decide who has access, what products they see, and how much they can order with user profiles and approval processes
  • Create a seamless experience with single sign-on so there’s no need for users to register
  • If you’re not distributing from your own inventory to users, pick payment options like invoicing or secure and encrypted credit card transactions
  • Use the portal for other tasks like getting users to accept terms and conditions or sign agreements

Key Benefits

  • Management is Simplified
    With the Stratix ordering portal, internal IT teams are freed from the day-to-day tasks of acquiring and distributing devices. We kit and configure equipment with the required software at our Mobile Integration Center and ship it out-of-the-box ready wherever it needs to go—whether it’s one device or many.
  • Order on Your Schedule
    Because the portal is always open for business, end users can order whenever they need to. The whole process saves time.
  • Accuracy Ensured
    Users can review their orders in the shopping cart before they’re shipped. The right equipment gets to the right locations exactly when it’s needed.
  • User-friendly Platform
    The easy-to-use eCommerce-like experience simplifies procurement and increases opt-in rates for franchise organizations because it’s easier than shopping elsewhere.
  • High Visibility
    Users get email notifications that an order has been accepted with details like a unique order number. It’s easy to track the status of an order 24×7 or look up past orders and shipments.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    Orders can be shipped anywhere, and the smart shopping cart allows multiple ship-to locations within one order.

Why Stratix

Stratix is North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist and focuses exclusively on mobility services, with over three million devices deployed. We specialize in making mobile technology convenient, easy, and cost-effective for our customers. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your technology programs, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your organization.