Custom Chat, SMS, and AI Automation Solutions 

Custom Chat, SMS, and AI Automation Solutions 

Solution Brief

Big IT projects like deployments, refreshes, and migrations require meticulous planning and communication. Users need to understand what’s happening and what’s expected of them. In the past, that communication was mostly done via email, but those messages can go unread and forgotten, meaning projects are delayed when users don’t do what’s required. 

Do Better with Stratix 

When you partner with Stratix on project work, we can design custom AI chat and SMS communications to end users that inform and require them to take action. Here are some examples of projects we’ve done: 

  • Endpoint Management Migration 
    Many organizations are streamlining and simplifying IT tasks with unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions that administer all endpoints from a single platform. Through automated chat and SMS, users get instructions on how to enroll in the new system and warnings to comply by a specific deadline. 
  • Technology Refreshes 
    When an organization is ready to replace devices, a custom chat or SMS can alert users that they are upgrade-eligible and send them to an easy-to-use Stratix portal where they can order a new device and peripherals—and even opt to buy back their old equipment if they want to keep it for personal use. 
  • Telecom Expense Management 
    Organizations utilize so many mobile solutions in workflows that it’s not uncommon for many devices to be unaccounted for—especially if record keeping hasn’t been the best—and that’s a waste of money if they aren’t being used. A custom SMS or chat solution can send messages to specific devices to see who has them and warn they’ll be suspended if there’s no response. 

How it Works 

Powered by AI and the latest natural language processing technology, our virtual support specialists are available 24x7x365. They handle common inquiries like order status updates, how-to information, and taking orders, which frees human support specialists to focus on more complex tasks. 

The Setup 

  • Existing knowledge base articles are ingested and rewritten in a conversational tone 
  • The language model is trained with key phrases and terms to help recognize and identify inquiries 
  • The more robust the knowledge base, the better the virtual support specialists are 

The Experience 

  • Users select a common question from a predetermined list or type their own 
  • The virtual assistant recognizes the inquiry and responds conversationally to assist the user 
  • If the virtual assistant can’t help, the user is transferred to live support immediately 

Key Features 

  • Our dedicated team is constantly monitoring and updating the backend 
  • Engage users via web, mobile phone, app/web clip, SMS, Slack/Teams channels, and more 
  • Use images, emojis, multiple choice questions, selection carousels, and more to enhance the chat experience 
  • Assess reporting and analytics to track conversation containment and more 
  • Collect feedback with an end-chat survey 

Automation Speeds Up Projects 

Stratix serves dozens of customers with custom AI chat solutions. Because they engage individual users and prompt them to respond, automation is much more effective than mass emails and dramatically speed up project work. We’ve found they significantly reduce help desk call volume, which lowers costs and shows how the user experience is improved. 

Stratix Can Help You End-To-End 

Stratix is a full-service managed mobility services provider. Our decades of experience and relationships with all the major OEMs and carriers help make your mobile solutions convenient, easy, and cost-effective. Our services include: 

  • Mobile solution consulting – Our certified in-house experts will look at your needs and workflows to recommend solutions that will achieve your goals 
  • Project management – We’re experts in administering large-scale mobile solution programs on time and on budget 
  • Superior mobile deployment – Our U.S. advanced Mobile Integration Center kits and configures thousands of devices with a personalized, out-of-the-box-ready experience  
  • Endpoint management – Stratix’s unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions ensure security, compliance, and cost control 
  • itrac360 – Our proprietary asset management portal gives you 360-degree visibility of your entire fleet of mobile assets, enabling better analytics and control of your total cost of ownership 
  • Full lifecycle services – From procurement and deployment through repair and eventual disposal, Stratix managed services keep your devices up and running in your end users’ hands—maintaining productivity and maximizing your mobile technology investments 
  • Industry-leading support – Our on-shore 24/7 help desk is staffed by highly-trained experts who know your environment. We also offer rapid repair turnaround and spare pool management to minimize downtime 
  • Easy-to-use portals – Streamline and automate device procurement and distribution with simple eCommerce-like experiences that cut costs 
  • Mobile Device as a Service – Mobile hardware, software, and services rolled into a convenient monthly per-device price moves CapEx to OpEx 

Get it Right 

Stratix is a trusted advisor for leading Fortune 500 brands, schools, and healthcare organizations—many of whom have been with us for decades. When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing your technology is managed by the best in the business. 

Why Stratix 

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has millions of devices deployed. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your mobile program, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your employees.