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IT Professional Services

Holistic Mobile Ecosystem

Manage your customer brand experience from the inside out, with a holistic mobile ecosystem that matches your business strategy and distinguishes your brand from competitors.

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Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Your business is unique. Your mobility solution should be too. Having the right mobile strategy in place, that is designed for your company’s roles, use cases and requirements is the difference between updating technology and a transformative mobile business strategy. A one-size-fits-all package pulled from a shelf will not provide the long-term results. You need a managed mobility partner who is invested in your long-term strategy and takes the time to understand your unique challenges through business readiness assessments, site surveys, health checks and security assessments and has the experience, tools and processes to support your business transformation. You deserve a mobility program engineered to run, improve and grow your business.

IT Professional Services

Stratix’s IT Professional Services team is outcome-driven, aligning your mobility program to the results you seek. First, we identify your user community with the use of personas, understanding that different support programs are needed for different end users. Then, we draft a mobility blueprint plan that’s laser-focused on the precise deliverables you need to create a state-of-the-art mobility program. We are aligned with leading OEM partners to ensure the designed solution will meet your needs - exactly.

IT Professional Services Key Benefits

Customer Engagement

We work with you before you are a client to ensure we understand your needs and have the time to do the analysis we need for delivering your unique support program.

Transformation Support

We’re here for you at every step as we plan your mobile blueprint and transition from Day-1 deployment to Day-2 Support, we ensure your solution design is a success.

Assessments and Workshops

Not sure what you need? Our team of experts will engage with Health check assessments on your mobile, MDM or Security environments and work with you to plan a migration path from one technology to the next.

Partner OEM Expertise

Our architects are certified across most platforms and aligned with leading OEM providers – we can bring a broad set of options to you.

Day-2 Support

Unique designed SmartMobile programs that are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure your results stay on track.

Strategic Viewpoint

We continually evaluate technologies, platforms and providers – we know and work with the industries best and we can help you strategize your enterprise environment.

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