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Gaining Visibility into Mobile Assets and Performance


Enterprise-wide, real-time visibility critical to delivering on the promise of mobility 

With hundreds and, often, thousands of mobile devices in play, enterprises want to know how effective mobile is at boosting operational efficiency, improving customer service and helping employees be more productive. Asset management and device performance statistics, viewed across the enterprise, can help answer these pivotal questions. 

However, enterprises struggle to consolidate separate performance reports from multiple device manufacturers, manufacturers’ repair centers, help desk ticketing systems, spare pool inventories and mobile operators. Often this data can be 30 days old when it’s received. Working with a Managed Mobile Services (MMS) provider capable of aggregating data, regardless of its origination, into a single real-time enterprise-wide visibility portal offers an easy-to-use approach to managing mobile performance across the enterprise. 

This white paper explains how visibility into device performance helps enterprises leverage mobile to achieve digital transformation goals and know if the performance goals set during the mobile planning phase are being met. As mobility is a key part of enterprises’ digital transformation, understanding how mobility is performing against goals is a critical part of this transformation. Despite that, most enterprises struggle to gain these insights.