Are Your Mobile Devices Secure and Well-Managed?

Mobile devices are critical tools in modern workflows, but they come with increased security and management challenges. Distributed workforces make support and maintenance harder. Data security is a significant concern. Some industries are governed by specific rules around storing and accessing information. It’s crucial that organizations take the necessary steps to protect themselves with Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions as security breaches, lost productivity, and end-user experiences affect the bottom line.

Enterprise Mobility Management from Stratix Ensures Control

Not all EMM/MDM solutions operate and function the same way. Our endpoint management experts collaborate with you to find one that delivers your business requirements and creates great end-user experiences. Endpoint management platform selection is as important as the device type and operating system selection. We have certified engineers who administer these environments daily while providing proactive recommendations for continuous improvement.


  • Not sure where to get started
  • End-user support
  • EMM/MDM design and onboarding
  • Don’t have the resources for day-to-day administration


  • We conduct workshops to fully understand the business requirements, devices, operating system, and end-user workflows to guide you to the right solution
  • Our onshore Mobility Level 2 Help Desk supports your end-users 24x7x365 with an average 74+Net Promoter Score
  • Stratix has the resources and expertise to design and implement your EMM/MDM environment with speed and precision
  • Stratix certified engineers have the expertise and knowledge to provide day-to-day administrative support for pushing updates, new applications, policy updates, and change management requests
  • Our extensive relationships with all the major OEMs gives us the know-how you need around specific operating systems and endpoint management
Stratix Services
  • Solutions consulting and project management
  • Professional services
    • EMM/MDM design and implementation
    • EMM/MDM environment migration
    • Assume administrative support of an existing environment
    • EMM/MDM environment health check
    • EMM/MDM non-standard customer-specific project
  • Day-to-day environment administration
  • Change management
  • End-user support services
Key Business Benefits
  • Stratix manages your EMM/MDM administrative service and support—removing the burden from your IT staff
  • Proactive monitoring to prevent, detect, and remediate security threats
  • Daily support to monitor and detect rogue devices, ensure device policy enforcement, and remotely lock, wipe apps and data from devices to ensure device compliance
  • 24x7x365 onshore end-user support with Stratix Mobility Level 2 Help Desk
  • Streamlined efficiencies automating the configuration and enrollment of devices
  • Leverage extensive experience from certified engineers to follow industry best practices and assist with environment selection, design, implementation, change management, and policy updates

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. Stratix leverages decades of mobile device experience combined with relationships with the leading endpoint management providers to craft, deploy, and manage effective enterprise mobility management solutions that bring you all the benefits of state-of-the-art automation and threat detection.