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Stratix On-Demand Ordering Portal  

Fact Sheet

Make Your Day-to-Day Inventory Requests Fast, Easy, and Trackable 

Streamline the ordering of products, services, and accessories for end users with a run-rate portal configured specifically for your needs. Set up approved catalogs of items in your stocked inventory, or to come directly from suppliers, with full visibility of inventory levels, lead times, and order status

Designed Just for Your Organization 

Think of the On-Demand Ordering Portal as an easy way to “set it and forget it”—giving your users a frictionless self-service way to get what they need. You will be able to: 

  • Create catalogs of devices, packages, and accessories that can be organized into bundles, offered a la carte, or both, with exactly the names, descriptions, and images you want. 
  • Brand the portal for your organization, or any way you want, including a custom URL ( 
  • Define alternate rules, catalog views, and authorizations for different users/roles. 
  • Decide who has access, how much they can order, and add approval processes. 

Put Control in Your Users’ Hands 

We make it so fast and easy to order—with inventory, lead time, shipping, and tracking information at their fingertips—they will love the end-to-end visibility. 

  • Allow users to register with a new account in a single step, or provide single sign-on, to make it easy to log in to the portal.  
  • Give them total control of their account at any time. Their profile information, address history, and previous orders are saved, which makes the checkout process fast and convenient. 
  • Users can pick the shipping option that best fits their needs and specify preferred shipping dates. Addresses are verified through USPS to prevent errors and ensure orders go to the correct place, whether commercial or residential.
  • Order tracking lets users see the status of their delivery at any time. 
  • Stratix help desk support is available 24x7x365 to assist users with any questions. 

How The Stratix As-Needed Ordering Portal Will Help Your Organization: 

  • Save time 
    Using the ordering portal, users can create new orders in three clicks and check order status and tracking information in seconds on the order history page.  
  • Order on your schedule 
    Because the portal is always open for business, users can place requests when it’s convenient and not have to wait for someone to respond. 
  • Accuracy ensured 
    Pre-defined bundles of products and accessories ensure that users will get the right combination, and nothing will be left out. Users can review their orders in the portal before they’re shipped. The right equipment gets to the right locations exactly when it’s needed.   
  • High visibility  
    Users can see the inventory availability/lead times for products,  track the status of a request 24×7, or look up past orders and shipments. 
  • Maximum flexibility  
    Orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States, and large requests with multiple ship-to locations can be placed at one time. 

Why Stratix 

Stratix is North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist and focuses exclusively on mobility services, with over three million devices deployed. We specialize in making mobile technology convenient, easy, and cost-effective for our customers. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your technology programs, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your organization.