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How Apple M1 Makes Work From Anywhere Better

Written by Tony Glinski

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When working from anywhere, your devices are the only connection you have with the rest of your organization. If they don’t offer great user experiences, your overall work environment suffers dramatically along with your productivity. With the M1-powered Mac, I think Apple offers some of the best features currently available to remote workers that drive ease of use and efficiency while lessening the load for IT teams. 

What Makes Apple M1 Better 

Apple’s M1 system works like a smartphone in that the functions of central processing (CPU), input and output, and internal memory are all done by one chip. System on a Chip (SoC) delivers dramatically improved performance and efficiency.

1. Powerful 

The M1 has up to 3.5 times faster CPU performance and up to 6 times faster rendering of video and graphics than the previous generation of Mac. It tackles resource-heavy projects faster to drive higher productivity. 

2. Seamless 

In addition to common business apps like Microsoft Office, the M1 also supports the same apps that run on iPhones and iPads. There’s game-changing continuity between devices for Apple enterprise users with features like: 

  • Universal Clipboard 
    Copy text, images, photos, or videos on one Apple device, then paste the content on another device 
  • Handoff 
    Start an email, edit a document, or surf the web on one device and pick it up at the same place on another device 
  • Sidecar 
    Use an iPad as a second Mac display 
  • Auto Unlock 
    Avoid typing in a password and get instant access to Mac from Apple Watch 
  • Continuity Camera 
    Use an iPhone to shoot or scan a nearby object or document and have it automatically appear on a Mac 

3. Incredible Battery Life 

The efficiency of the M1 chip means that the new machines now have two times the battery life of older-generation machines. They can easily run for an employee’s entire workday on a single charge. 

4. Great Functionality 

Whether it’s the MacBook Pro, Air, Mac mini, or iMac, all the devices feature Apple’s well-known user-friendly features, including weight and size, crisp displays, high-definition built-in cameras, and enough useful ports to meet a typical user’s needs. 

What Makes Apple M1 Better for IT? 

The Apple M1 system not only creates excellent work from anywhere user experiences, but it also offers a lot of tools for IT teams that make Apple enterprise deployment, management, and support easier. 

1. Zero-Touch Deployment 

Macs can be set up wirelessly anywhere using Apple Business Manager and the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform of your choice. The automated system doesn’t require any interaction from IT, saving time and resources. 

2. Enterprise-Grade Security Built In 

The M1 chip features best-in-class advanced security out-of-the-box, including hardware-verified secure boot, automatic file encryption, and new security protections built into the code execution architecture. A new system extension framework in macOS works with third-party endpoint security and networking tools. 

3. Seamless 

Because the latest macOS version Big Sur leverages many of the same features as iPhone—and because M1 will run iPhone and iPad apps—Apple enterprise developers can use common architecture to build apps that run seamlessly across all Apple devices. That lowers costs for business and improves end-user experiences. 

4. Reliable and Cheaper 

A common misconception about Apple devices is they cost more. While the initial cost is sometimes higher, organizations that deploy Macs for a standard device lifecycle often find they’re cheaper than PCs over time. A 2019 Forrester study found that Macs reduce IT support costs by $628.31 over three years. They also improved overall security along with employee productivity and engagement. 

Give Em What They Want 

Long a favorite with consumers, Apple has been making inroads in business use for some time. With its M1 offering, it’s giving enterprises more reasons to consider Macs as an alternative to PCs for “anywhere operations.” With many end users already familiar with iPhone and iPad, the seamlessness of using Mac to work from anywhere makes even more sense. A recent study at IBM found that Mac users are 17 percent less likely to leave a company than Windows users and 22% more macOS users “exceed expectations” in performance reviews. I say give your team the devices they love and unleash their potential.