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Improve Your Flight Operations

From the flight deck to under the wing cabin services to maintenance, mobile devices keep planes in the sky and not grounded on the tarmac.

With years of experience and mobile device deployments for many of the world's largest carriers, Stratix is the industry leader for airline mobile managed services.

Our customers have come to rely upon our services for a long time now, and we have been an intimate part of several critical functions – supporting above the wing needs for pilots and flight attendants and below the wing for tech OPS and baggage control.


Stratix Aviation Mobile Technology Overview

Get Mobile Right

Stratix has years of experience solving mobile device challenges for many of the world's largest airlines. We offer cost-effective rapid large-scale deployments, end-to-end lifecycle management, and best-in-class support.

Our efficiency and expertise lower your technology costs and improve end-user experiences.

Whether it's electronic flight bags (EFBs), in-flight service, plane maintenance, and baggage and cargo, we've proven ourselves to be industry leaders in mobile managed services helping our airline customers. Put our expertise to work for you.

Aviation Mobility Solutions

EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)

Support your pilots 24x7x365 with our 70+ Net Promoter Score-rated help desk services. Our experts are dedicated to your mission-critical use cases.

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Baggage & Cargo Services

Ensure compliance and efficiency for baggage handling and cargo management with rugged devices made to work in harsh and tough environments, backed by next-day device replacement lifecycle services.

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In-Flight Service

Equip cabin crews with mobile devices to better interact with customers, accept payments for services, and manage their tasks.

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Give mechanics and other maintenance workers the digital tools they need to work smarter, like tablets for instant information and digital checklists to ensure proper procedures are followed.

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Compliance and Security

Ensure secure, compliant, and up-to-date devices for your personnel, whether in the cabin, the cockpit, or under the wing, with automated endpoint management.

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Custom Accessories

Provide employees with logo-branded accessories and enclosures tailored to their environment that are designed exactly to your standards in our innovative solutions engineering lab.

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The Stratix Advantage for Airlines

We have decades of specialized airline experience with three of the four largest airlines involving complex deployments for decentralized workforces. We can also assist you with collecting end-of-life devices for resale or recycling.
We make it possible to create a better mobile blueprint for your flight teams even in times of constrained expenditures and limited budgets via flexible financing models such as Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS).
We know how critical it is to meet metrics such as on-time departures, turn time, passenger satisfaction, and passenger safety on your flights. Additionally, our SmartMobile programs enable total operational efficiency—driving fuel savings of up to $1.5 million per year!
Rapid deployments with accuracy, at scale, delivered directly to employees' homes are never a problem. We've successfully rolled out 18,000 units in less than 60 days for one of our biggest airline customers, and we can do it for you.
With Stratix, we make it simple. We take care of all the deployment details you need—from configuring and securing to shipping and confirming receipt of devices to your flight crews wherever they are. We also offer rapid replacements to minimize disruptions due to lost/stolen devices.
Our mobile help desk of highly-trained agents specializes in superior first-call resolution and helps you create metrics like a 65% reduction in baggage mislead rates. Now, your pilots, ground operations, and tech operations teams can focus on what they do best: being always available to serve your loyal passengers!

Easy and Cost Effective Airline Mobile Solutions

We provide cost-effective rapid large-scale deployments, end-to-end lifecycle management, and support to some of the largest airlines.

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Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

We're well-versed in the specific challenges it takes to plan, deploy and support a mobile device fleet for a decentralized, always-traveling workforce. We have the know-how, along with relationships with leading mobile OEMs and vendors, to craft a mobile solution that works for where you are now and where you want to go.

Fly high with Stratix mobile solutions for airlines.

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