When Southwest Airlines decided to invest in a recent deployment of more than 14,000 iPad mini-powered Electronic Flight Bags to its flight attendants, achieving ROI and focusing on customer service were two of the company’s primary objectives. For such a massive rollout, Southwest knew they needed to find a fulfillment partner that could help them provision and deploy all the devices across the country. Stratix purchased, configured, and kitted the iPads for the deployment and will continue to provide post-deployment support.

Video Script

“We’re thrilled about this new partnership. We’re excited to be a part of the EFB program which we know is going to be super important to continue, as we say, revolutionizing the Southwest program.” – Gina Gallo, President & Chief Executive Officer 

“We are here to launch our partnership with our Flight Attendants new EFB in conjunction with my new partner, and friend, Gina. Our Flight Attendants were able to come here, and they got to actually see behind the scenes what it takes to put together what’s really in that little iPad. There’s so much more than just the device.” – Sonya Lacore, VP Cabin Services, Southwest Airlines 

“When they arrived here today, they got a view of the entire facility. The people who will be supporting the product when it’s rolled out and they got a first hand glimpse at what the technology is going to look like when its deployed. “– Gina Gallo, President & Chief Executive Officer 

“What a pleasure it has been to celebrate this incredible occasion with such amazing people.” – David Paul Shapiro, Flight Attendant, Southwest Airlines 

“It was just incredible to see how many people actually work to make this little thing handy for us.” – Sonya Lacore, VP Cabin Services, Southwest Airlines  

“This is going to make my job much, much easier.” – Jan Nguyen, Flight Attendant, Southwest Airlines 

“We don’t have carry around that heavy manual anymore. We can get our updates on here. Our bulletins. It’s very easy to use.” – Roxann Aiken, Flight Attendant, Southwest Airlines 

“This has been a momentous day with Southwest Airlines and Stratix and its also the beginning of an opportunity in the future that we will be able to add many, many more products to this iPad.” -Craig Drew, Senior VP Operations, Southwest Airlines