Why Outsource Enterprise Mobility? - Stratix

Why Outsource Enterprise Mobility?

Written by Ron Pollack


As businesses push digital transformation in workflows using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, IT teams are stressed by the need to support all the new technology. It keeps them from supporting the core mission of their business and from executing key strategic initiatives.  Outsourcing enterprise mobility functions allows you to maintain control of the strategic use cases mobility can provide, without having to focus on the operational requirements to implement those strategies.

Outsourcing enterprise mobility provides many fundamental advantages:

1. Experience – Enterprise Mobility is very different from traditional IT infrastructure environments that consisted mostly of desktops and laptops. Finding an experienced partner with resources that has dedicated skills and technical expertise is critical to getting the best results. 

2. Lower Costs – Enterprise mobility service providers can offer 24x7x365 support functions and have resources in place to provide ongoing user support and continuous management of mobile assets and expenses. The efficiencies providers gain by offering services to multiple clients drives down the overall cost of outsourcing vs. providing in-house mobility services.  Rapid technical innovation in the mobility space also drives up costs to constantly acquire and invest in keeping internal resources up to date with necessary skill sets.

3. Competitive Advantage – The evolution of mobile technology opens up possibilities for new use cases and more efficient operating models. Enterprises that partner with strong mobility service providers have an advantage that can speed up the adoption of new technology and begin to embrace the advancement of mobile technology.

Businesses that choose to outsource their enterprise mobility programs put themselves in the position to implement their mobile solutions at a much lower cost while also offering a superior experience to end-users.  By leveraging the experience service providers bring to the table, your internal team won’t feel disjointed. Complementing internal IT functions with an enterprise solutions partner will keep your IT team focused on your strategic business initiatives.