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Simplify Mobile Device Security,
Management, & Control

Solution Brief

Mobile devices are favorite targets for hackers. Mobile environments are also hard to manage and protect because end users are often distributed and rely on multiple device types, operating systems, and apps. Problems cause expensive security breaches, downtime, and poor ROI.

Not having a robust solution isn’t an option. Mobile devices are mission-critical for organizations because they bring increased nimbleness, better end user and customer experiences, improved collaboration, higher productivity, and protection from disruption. Many enterprises have moved to mobile-first—or mobile-only— strategies that put mobile at the heart of planning and operations.

SOTI Makes Enterprise Mobility Management Easy

  • Rapid deployment and management: SOTI MobiControl can quickly stand-up new projects and speed the distribution of updates and new applications. Packages and profiles ensure the right versions of the right apps are installed for the right workers.
  • Multi-platform: SOTI MobiControl works with Google Android®, Apple iOS® and macOS®, Microsoft Windows®, and Linux®.
  • Security that protects and enables: SOTI MobiControl® prevents attacks, blocks bad actor access, and includes virus protection—while making it easy for end users to access the key documents, data, and the files they need anywhere and anytime. It optimizes both security and productivity.
  • Increase first call resolution and reduce device downtime: When users have device issues, SOTI XSight’s advanced diagnostics and incident management capabilities gives technicians the tools needed to troubleshoot and resolve problems remotely and quickly.
  • See the big picture: The SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard gives you real-time visibility into operational stats such as queue lengths, processing times, CPU, DB performance, and server health. SOTI XSight offers diagnostic intelligence so organizations can do a deep dive into the operations of its mobility fleet. Uncover critical data to better understand how device user behavior impacts battery performance and discharge rates. View battery health and performance, app usage and strain on battery and data plans, device signal strength and network connectivity, and much more. It all helps make informed decisions about your mobile fleet.

SOTI is Even Better with Stratix

Organizations looking to implement EMM solutions often don’t know enough about what they need or where to start. Partnering with Stratix ensures that you get well-thought-out solutions that protect your organization, drive productivity, and meet business goals. We handle the day-to-day administration, upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting so your IT staff can focus on innovation and growth activities.

  • Leverage our expertise – We leverage proprietary automated tools for maximum speed and efficiency, so all the components for your mobile solution are ready to go on time and properly configured exactly the way you want to reach your desired outcome. It takes the burden off internal IT teams.
  • Back your people with best-in-class support – Our on-shore help desk team supports your end users using EMM to solve problems remotely with industry-leading 70+ Net Promoter Scores and an average 85% First Call Resolution. You can rest assured your end-user community is in good hands.
  • Increase deployment efficiency – Our Atlanta Mobile Integration Center uses proprietary automated tools for maximum speed and workflow organization, so all the components for your mobile solution are ready to go on time and properly configured precisely the way you want.
  • Get a partner that can do it all – We can handle the entire lifecycle of your mobile solutions from procurement, enrollment, deployment, management, support, and IT Asset Disposition. For devices in the field, we can push updates and new applications or perform backup and restoration.

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. Our services are fine-tuned to optimize organizations’ operational, technological, and financial performance. Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience across your entire environment.

We’re committed to empowering your employees, reducing the burden on IT, and lowering the costs of implementing complex mobile-first business strategies at scale. With Stratix, there’s no need to manage the details of a rollout like coordinating multiple third parties, staffing a help desk, supporting spare pools, or overseeing service and repair delivery. We handle service and support on-shore in Atlanta, Georgia, 24x7x365—providing real-time visibility to your mobile assets, ensuring Nonstop Mobility, and providing you right technology, tools, and support programs to stay ahead.

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