A Game-Changer for Freight Management: Stratix's Custom Solution "Reshapes" the Logistics Landscape

A Game-Changer for Freight Management: Stratix’s Custom Solution “Reshapes” the Logistics Landscape   

Case Study

Delivering to almost every zip code in the U.S., one of the country’s biggest LTL carriers handles billions of pounds of freight annually. Success in its competitive business depends on state-of-the-art logistics. Cost efficiency is vital. This includes consolidating shipments to get the most out from available capacity. 

While weighing shipments has always been relatively straightforward, determining the dimensions is more challenging. Items are often irregular shapes—making them hard to measure. That’s an important factor when working out what will fit together on a truck and calculating a fair shipment price for the customer. 

GPC Systems Has the Solution 

Headquartered in the U.K., GPC Systems, has developed an award-winning 3D imaging software system that automates the measurement of freight. Using a 3D camera, GPC’s point-and-click application accurately calculates length, width, and height dimensions. 

The solution works with freight of varying sizes and shapes and can even recognize pallets and skids—with the option to exclude them from the measurements. Low lighting and challenges like shipments wrapped in reflective black shrink wrap don’t phase the system.  

All the data from the measurement capture flows instantly into connected logistics management platforms to improve accuracy, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency. 

Stratix Builds the Solution for the Solution 

The LTL carrier wanted to leverage GPC’s solution in its logistics operations by pairing an Intel camera with Zebra TC77 mobile computers. The combination would be fully mobile, allowing employees to scan shipments anywhere quickly. There was just one problem. The camera and the Zebra device aren’t made to fit together. 

Partnering with GPC, Stratix solved the challenge. The engineers in our Specialty Products Group used their know-how to design a bracket that connects the Intel camera seamlessly with the Zebra TC77. 

‘We were able to prototype a model with our in-house 3D printing ability. Then, GPC took it out in the field and did thorough testing. We iterated and adapted based on their feedback until they were completely satisfied. Then, we worked with another partner to get it manufactured at scale,” explained Stratix Director of Product Engineering Justin Sanderfer. 

In all, Stratix has deployed 7,500 brackets for the cameras and TC77 mobile computers. 

“It’s a great example of how Stratix adds special value for our customers,” Sanderfer said. “We offer a unique service that solves challenges. In some cases, a simple part we made saved companies millions of dollars.” 

Efficiency and Customer Service Improved 

With the Stratix solution for pairing the Intel cameras with Zebra TC77 computers in place, the LTL carrier is seeing significant improvements. That includes 60 percent improvement in efficiency, 95 percent measurement accuracy, and 400 percent faster than the old manual processes and measurement tools. By more effectively managing shipment consolidation, it’s reducing costs. Customer satisfaction is improved because pricing is more accurate and consistent. Leaders say the new technology is a significant contribution to the company’s bottom line.