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Fact Sheet: Technology Deployment

Fact Sheet

Inadequate Resources are a Recipe for Failure

Getting a mobile solution rollout right from day one is quite challenging for most organizations. Many don’t have the resources, expertise, and automated tools needed to configure, enroll, provision, and deploy mobile assets across their organization. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and coordination with the device OEMs and freight carriers to ensure everything stays on schedule and budget. The complexity is multiplied when multiple OEMs and operating systems such as Apple iOS®, Android®, and Windows® are involved. When things do not go smoothly, mobility programs falter due to employee dissatisfaction and poor productivity—meaning a lower ROI than expected.

Start on the Right Foot with Stratix

Partnering with Stratix gives you a team with all the expertise and resources you need to ensure your mobile solutions launch properly on day one. There’s no juggling of multiple vendors. With us, you get a single point of contact to manage all the complexities. Our advanced high-speed automated Mobile Integration Center efficiently streamlines the entire process from device configuration, enrollment, provisioning, and deployment—all under one roof regardless of OEM or operating system.


  • Lack of resources to ensure a smooth mobile solution launch
  • Inefficient processes and configuration tools
  • Insufficient device-level planning, status, and coordination
  • The device is received by the end-user, now what


  • We have experienced resources and enterprise-grade tools to deliver mobility programs on time and within budget to meet our customers’ and end-users’ expected outcomes.
  • Stratix’s proprietary tools give us the capability to mirror your mobility environment to leverage automation that delivers on time and within budget
  • Stratix proprietary itrac360 tool manages the status of each device and serialized accessory— including the ship-to name and address, shipping method/tracking number, model number, serial number, and asset tag information
  • In addition to devices being “ready to go out of the box,” we can produce specific “open me first” guides and offer a mobility help desk to assist end users, so they’re confident and happy with their new devices on day one
Stratix Services
  • Complete project management from project initiation to project closure, including onboarding, knowledge base article creation, order processing, training, implementation, and deployment
  • Expert mobility solution engineers to design, develop and test (first article) device configuration, enrollment, kitting, and provisioning to ensure the solution meets end-user needs and delivers a wonderful experience
  • Stratix Mobile Integration Center for provisioning, kitting, configuration, and deployment
    • Devices are configured and provisioned using Stratix proprietary software and/or automated OEM configuration tools such as Apple® Business Manager, Zebra® Enterprise Application Configurator, or Samsung Knox®
    • Devices are enrolled, kitted, and provisioned in line with the customer-approved first article manifest
    • When needed, the removal of pre-loaded apps that come from the OEM and the installation of customer-supplied applications or applications from enterprise app stores (native iOS®, Android®, and Windows® private app catalogs)
  • Device testing to ensure they match the first article manifest. Once the devices pass our strict quality control and testing, they are packaged and staged for deployment
  • We design and build fit-for-purpose customizable deployment schedules for hundreds or thousands of locations, including on-site coordination when needed
  • The deployment of technologies can be tracked, monitored and reported using our exclusive itrac360 asset management platform 24/7/365
Key Business Benefits
  • We coordinate and plan the procurement of hardware and software components across multiple OEMs to ensure your technologies are delivered in a timely manner – reducing late orders or costly delays
  • Our Mobile Integration Center is the most advanced state-of-the-art facility to configure, kit, enroll, provision, and deploy devices and accessories
  • We can deliver a phased deployment approach or all at once. We have the flexibility and scalability to deliver your mobility program to meet your deployment schedules with devices that are ready out of the box
  • Our project management methodologies ensure we implement and deploy your mobility programs efficiently, on time, and within budget
  • We follow stringent quality assurance policies and have a 99.87% pass rate in quality control before a single device is shipped to a customer or end user
  • Our mobility solution architects and engineers are among the most innovative mobility practitioners in the industry
  • We are known industry-wide for delivering an exceptional end-user experience right out of the box

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. Our team has decades of experience getting device deployments done at scale for some of the largest organizations in the world. Your solutions are completely kitted—with all applications and connectivity loaded—and delivered wherever they’re needed and ready to go as soon as they’re unpackaged.