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Fact Sheet: Mobile Device Repair Services

Fact Sheet

What’s the Plan for Repairing Your Mobile Devices?

Managing the repair process for mobile devices can be very costly and time-consuming for organizations. Most lack the knowledge, facilities, and efficient logistics required to submit repair requests and then track their progress to ensure equipment is quickly returned to service. Juggling multiple repair vendors and managing OEM warranties and contracts compounds the complexity. It can cost organizations thousands of dollars when devices go unrepaired and forgotten—not to mention the security concerns around the data stored on them.

Stratix Makes Repair Convenient, Easy, and Cost-Effective

With Stratix, you get a one-stop shop for all your repair needs. We design and build a consistent program to manage, track, and coordinate the entire mobile device repair process – across all your OEMs. We ensure you have a rinse and repeat system to solve your headaches and increase your ROI. Our itrac360 platform gives you the ability to see your entire mobile device ecosystem in one place and view the status of any device in real-time 24x7x365.


Stratix can repair the devices, or manage the repair process through an OEM, to seamlessly return the devices to your spare pool inventory.

  • No current program in place to handle mobile device repair
  • No platform to effectively submit return authorizations and track and manage repairs
  • Managing multiple vendors and platforms
  • Lack of skilled in-house resources to make repairs
  • Unpredictable costs and time and materials rates


  • Stratix has the expertise and knowledge to build effective incident-based repair programs providing consistency and actionable analytics
  • Stratix’s proprietary itrac360 portal handles return submissions and gives real-time device repair status 24x7x365
  • Stratix provides a one-stop shop for mobile device repairs—streamlining the management process
  • Our certified and trained experts know your devices and how to fix them properly and reliably—including a complete quality control test
  • With our analytics and expertise, Stratix delivers accurate cost projections and incident rates for device repairs across the term of the contract.
Stratix Services
  • Management of your mobile device repairs effectively and consistently—ensuring speed, quality, accountability, and minimal downtime
  • Leveraging our OEM relationships, we have the expertise to analyze device data to project the proper incident rate based on what we know about specific devices and their dependability—ensuring our customers don’t pay for excessive spare pool inventory
  • Stratix certified repair technicians conduct a first-level diagnosis of the device to ensure issues are fully understood to eliminate any no-fault-found claims and work directly with the OEMs to determine if the device is beyond economical repair
  • We manage the entire repair process from return submission through repair, return, and a post-warranty check to ensure the device is returned to OEM specifications
  • We build workflows to deactivate or migrate wireless services, unenroll the device from the MDM environment, and safely and securely destroy or save the data on the device being repaired
Key Business Benefits
  • Efficient and dependable programs to manage, track, and coordinate mobile device repairs
  • Rapid turnaround when we quickly triage devices and get them where they need to go for fast repair and return to your spare pool inventory or back into the field
  • A comprehensive view of your entire mobile environment in itrac360 where you can see the big picture or quickly burrow down to look at a specific device
  • Customized inventory alerts for your desired KPIs and thresholds
  • Easy to understand and leverage data to effectively analyze, manage, and make informed decisions about devices and repairs to improve productivity and boost ROI
  • Fixed cost per device, keeping repair costs affordable and known

Why Stratix

With decades of repair experience on all the top brands, Stratix’s certified and trained experts will repair or refurbish your mobile devices back to OEM specifications and give you up-to-the-minute visibility of each step in the repair process. We have strategic and long-lasting relationships with the major OEMs, which we leverage to stay at the forefront of new developments and ensure we meet the OEM standards for repair.