Rapid mobile deployment improved the customer experience just in time for Black Friday – the official start of holiday shopping.

The Challenge 

A global specialty retailer with five distinct brands wanted to create “flagship store” experiences across each of its 3,700 locations worldwide. The retailer saw mobile as the technology that would allow sales associates to save the sale when customers wanted to buy merchandise not available in store. Using their mobile devices, the retailer wanted its associates to order out-of-stock online while the customer was in the store and then ship the merchandise to the store for pickup or directly to the customer’s home. The retailer also wished to shift customer check-out away from traditional cash register queues to mobile Point-of-Sale (POS), which would allow associates to serve customers more quickly and efficiently. But the company lacked mobile expertise to turn this vision into reality. 

The Ask 

This leading retailer needed a standardized way to create, deploy, and monitor mobile solutions across its global operations, and asked Stratix to: 

  • Develop an enterprise mobile plan for deploying and managing a large scale mobile point-of-sale and mobile manager program 
  • Manage, track and monitor 25,000 mobile devices with ongoing location, usage and service detail reporting 
  • Provide custom reporting for each mobile asset to support PCI compliance and validate vendor performance 

The Solution 

Stratix designed a secure, end-to-end solution that included mobile deployment, life cycle management and real-time reporting for more than 25,000 consumer and rugged mobile assets for five unique store brands with multiple workflows to support associate and customer-facing applications. The solution included: 

  • iPods, payment sleds and Epson mobile printers for Mobile Point-of-Sale 
  • iPads for time clock application with store associates 
  • Android devices with endless aisle and inventory management applications 
  • AirWatch MDM and all associated security profiles 

The Result 

Stratix completed this massive deployment of a mobile solution in time for Black Friday – the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Based on the mobile initiative’s success, the company engaged Stratix to roll-out the retail solution to all of its 3,700 stores, including those located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. 

Rapid mobile deployment improved the customer experience just in time for Black Friday – the official start of holiday shopping