Customers’ expectations have transformed over the last decade, creating higher demand for more personalized services and a streamlined digital experience. Financial institutions have discovered that, like retail, how customers experience their engagement can have a dramatic effect on success and longevity. Unified endpoint management (UEM) enables financial institutions to transform from a transaction-led business model to a customer-centric relationship, and reap the rewards of delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Bridging the Gap

Though the prevalence of mobile devices has changed the way people handle their finances, consumers want and need more than a digital-only experience when it comes to banking. With certain banking services, such as opening accounts and getting a loan, customers still prefer an in-person experience at the branch. UEM bridges the gap between the mobile and branch experience, giving your customers what they want when they want it.

Leading the charge in the marriage of mobile and branch are kiosks. Supported by UEM, kiosks streamline the collection of customer data without compromising security. They also give customers the option to interact with bank representatives if they have questions or need further assistance.

Mobile device management makes the blending of convenience and a more personalized experience stress-free, alleviating the liabilities that come from additional devices and endpoints. Using a single mobility management platform, IT teams can manage kiosks efficiently, restricting their access to only approved enterprise portals and websites to prevent data loss and theft. UEM also helps maintain compliance with industry regulations, including PCI DSS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), and other data privacy and data residency laws.

Your Friendly Financial Expert

When it comes to helping customers navigate the crossroads of life and money, employees need the tools to interact freely with customers, build confidence in the institution, and ensure security. Armed with mobile devices supported by UEM with single sign-on, employees can have instant and secure access to patron kiosks and online data. By not wasting time collecting customer information, bank representatives can spend more time discussing the customer’s financial options in a relaxed, engaging manner. 

UEM enables the IT team to remotely configure devices, push updates, and provide remote assistance from anywhere to any branch – ensuring your customer service representatives are always ready to provide an exceptional experience. 

Banking on Your Trusted Advisor

People count on the financial services industry to help them drive personal prosperity, manage their financial lives, and fulfill their aspirations of success. Stratix does this and more for financial institutions who want to get the most out of their mobility solutions.

Whether it’s keeping up with mobility banking evolution or taking banking service out of the branch and to the people—in grocery stores, airports, office buildings, and more—Stratix helps financial services organizations plan and manage IT architectures that must interact with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Engaged in all aspects of unified endpoint management, Stratix supports and strengthens all Gartner-recommended UEM platforms, offers substantial savings on licensing, and provides end-to-end services—from consultation and design to end-user and help-desk assistance—for a dynamic mobile user experience for both customers and bank employees alike.