Introduction of MacBooks Puts Strain on Mobile Device Management for Financial Services Organization - Stratix

Introduction of MacBooks Puts Strain on Mobile Device Management for Financial Services Organization

Case Study

EMM streamlines the management of multiple, disparate devices, enhancing bank’s ROI


Even with self-service kiosks in their branches, a national financial institution was struggling to drive customer satisfaction—which was evident in long wait times to see a teller and longer transaction times. The bank’s first course of action was to hire more tellers, which was incredibly expensive. After conducting a customer satisfaction survey, the institution discovered that though most patrons liked the kiosks, they preferred to use an actual keyboard over a tablet. The bank introduced MacBooks into its branches which made customers happy, but overwhelmed their IT staff who were having to manually update the Macs, PCs, and a host of other disparate mobile devices. This created even greater inefficiencies and increased their overhead, cutting into their bottom line. 


Stratix suggested a Gartner-recommended enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that supported both the Mac and PC environments, integrating mobility management into a single-platform. The EMM enabled their IT team to effectively manage both corporate-owned mobile devices used in each branch, as well as field representative BYODs. EMM also ensured the security and compliance of every device in less time than it took just to manage the MacBooks. From a single location, their team could restrict access to only approved enterprise portals and websites— on both kiosk and employee-utilized devices—alleviating the stress of data loss and theft via disguised threat actors on a variety of sites. With stringent security capabilities, their mobile device management solution was able to meet all industry compliance regulations. 


The EMM solution was piloted regionally in 20 branches. Within six months, they rolled the solution out nationwide, with zero days lost and a stunning amount of positive customer reviews. The move to MacBooks supported by EMM and Stratix helped the financial institution evolve and exceed their customers’ expectations. With a more customer-centric business strategy, they were able to give patrons a more personalized, and streamlined banking experience. Branch employees are now more engaged with customers, boosting their productivity, and the IT team is able to more efficiently manage their fleet of mobile devices without having to make costly trips to each branch for regular maintenance and unexpected support calls. From consultation to support to licensing discounts, Stratix proved itself the trusted advisor this financial institution could bank on.