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Unified Endpoint Management Research Report

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Stratix Research Shows Most Companies Have Worrying Endpoint Management Vulnerabilities

Companies are using more and more connected devices, but they’re behind in managing them.

The number of devices now used by companies, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions is staggering. The average enterprise manages tens of thousands, and with IoT and mobile device use cases growing, IT teams will be tasked with managing more and more with every passing year. It can be complex and time-consuming—especially when organizations have multiple endpoint management platforms.  

The solution is holistic unified endpoint management (UEM) that enables the control of every kind of endpoint—including PCs, mobile devices, printers, and IoT—from a single platform, which simplifies management, reduces the workload, and significantly improves security. UEM can even be used to tailor user experiences to specific workflows for enhanced productivity. 

With this research in partnership with SOTI, we wanted to learn how far organizations truly are down the path of UEM. 

  • How embedded is it in their strategy, decision-making, and self-accessed vulnerabilities? 
  • How covered are they across their entire technology environments? 
  • How many endpoint management platforms do they have? 
  • Do they outsource or have the resources to handle it internally? 
  • Why do/would they outsource? 

To get our information, Stratix surveyed 250 IT leaders across more than a dozen industries who have endpoint management as part of their job responsibilities. With our questions, we have a good picture of the current state of endpoint management, including vulnerabilities, pain points, and solutions.