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Stratix and VMware Solve BYOD Security Challenge with a Great User Experience for Utility Giant 

Case Study

Bring your own device—or BYOD—is popular at many organizations. It allows employees to use their own phones or computers for both personal and work. They can pick their favorite equipment and don’t have to carry around two phones. However, there are significant privacy and security concerns. Employees don’t want their employers to be able to access anything private on their devices, and companies don’t want to risk someone’s personal device being the source of a data breach. 

Containerization, or dual persona technology, is the answer. It creates separate user interfaces on one device, and nothing is allowed to pass between them. However, such solutions can often be clunky and less than user-friendly. Stratix and VMware solved both the security and user experience challenges for a large utility company employing thousands of field service workers. 

How Stratix and VMware Solved the Challenges  

When the utility company came to Stratix with a request that we develop a secure and user-friendly BYOD solution, we were happy to help. 

Stratix is a VMware managed services provider, and we immediately put our expertise to work. We developed a containerized solution using VMware’s WorkSpace ONE that puts two completely separate personas on employees’ devices. 

Watch this video to see a demonstration:


Unlike clunkier solutions offered by other providers, moving between the two personas is as simple as pushing a button on the home screen. All work apps and files stay in one container, and everything personal stays in the other. Things like personal photos can’t be accessed from the work side, and none of the apps on the personal side can access work data. If the phone is lost or stolen—or an employee leaves the company—everything in the work container can be remotely wiped without touching any personal information. There’s even a button that completely mutes any work-related notifications if an employee is on vacation and needs to unplug. 

The Results 

VMware’s unified endpoint management approach is not just a great user experience that delivers high security. It reduces the support burden on IT teams because it works across all device types—whether iOS or Android. The user-friendly features improve adoption while delivering significant cost savings for the organization.  

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