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Mobile Operations Center

Our Mobile Operations Center provides on-shore, 24x7x365 support for your employees managing business-critical operations with mobile technology.

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Superior End-User Support

If your mobile devices stop working, so does your business. Our best-in-class support team quickly resolves user issues to keep devices active and to ensure continuous, effective and efficient business operations. We have the training, bandwidth and scale to be your dedicated managed mobility partner, so you can focus on running, improving and growing your business.


SmartMobile Services Save the Day: Mobile Help Desk Support

Mobile Operations Center

Our mobile help desk offers dedicated 24x7x365 mobile expertise and support that can scale to meet your business needs. Staffed by highly-trained personnel, we efficiently resolve issues for a wide range of hardware, software and business use-cases. This high-touch service is why the Stratix Mobile Operations Center continues to achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Mobile Help Desk Key Benefits

Immediate-to-Low Response Times

Our team responds in seconds, getting you the timely support, you need.

Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

Best-in-class 71+ NPS rating (Industry Standard is 33).

High First Call Resolution

First calls are resolved at a 85%+ rate, keeping your devices in the field and your employees highly productive.

Reduce Costly Spare Pools and Operational Disruption

Our support center reduces "No Trouble Found" (NTF) returns, avoiding additional Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requests.

Lower Cost vs. DIY Support

We save you from costly investments such as training, certification, bandwidth, infrastructure, computers and personnel retention management.

100% On-Shore

None of our support services are off-shore or outsourced.

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