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SmartMobile Lifecycle Management Services

  • Life Cycle Management


Stratix handles the entire lifecycle of your mobile devices from acquisition to disposition, including device provisioning, deployment, repair, spare pool management and reverse logistics. We handle everything on-shore and on-premise, providing you real-time visibility of your entire mobile fleet. That means Nonstop Mobility and the freedom to Run, Improve and Grow your business.  

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As mobile technology continues to evolve, and businesses grow more dependent on mobile devices, the need to rapidly provision, update, repair, redeploy and decommission becomes imperative.  

With Stratix lifecycle management services, we understand that reliable mobility means more productive employees, more efficient operations and a better customer experience. Our end-to-end mobile lifecycle services includes managing your customers spare pool program to guarantee fast, efficient and accurate reconfigured hot swap replacements, providing full warranty and repair management from initial RMA requests and replacement through spare pool replenishment. 

Since supporting mobile is our only job, we want to minimize total-cost of ownership and ensure consistent delivery of all your mobile services.  

To provide true asset management, we offer itrac360. Our proactive real-time monitoring portal for:  

  • SLA reporting 
  • 24×7 asset visibility 
  • Asset trending analysis 
  • Service ticket status 
  • Contract Compliance 
  • And cost analysis 

All in real time.  

Our lifecycle services even manage your mobile assets through the disposal process providing economical disposal of old equipment with fully documented certificates and asset IDs to improve sustainability and compliance. 

Stratix’s flexible lifecycle services ensure you have the right service at the right time throughout your entire mobile ecosystem.