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Fact Sheet: Custom Mobile Accessories

Fact Sheet

One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

Major OEMs design their products to serve as many use cases as possible, but organizations often need something special for a specific workflow or user experience. It may be as simple as a custom logo on an accessory or as complex as a 3D printed part that profoundly evolves how a device is used.

When peripherals aren’t right, it can lead to problems like poor productivity or device damage when a frustrated user takes off a protective case that impedes functionality.

Getting custom accessories made to solve these challenges can be time-consuming and expensive. Many OEMs are unwilling to take on the work.

Stratix Has an Expert Team Dedicated to Custom Mobile Accessories

The Stratix Specialty Products Group has been engineering, designing, and creating customized accessories and peripherals for over a decade. We can engineer, design, and build prototypes quickly and efficiently to enable live use case testing. We have the flexibility and scalability to produce accessories and peripherals in mass to meet your technology deployment deadlines and keep costs at a minimum.


  • Mobile device accessories and peripherals don’t do what you need them to do
  • Most custom solutions require upfront costs
  • Want to customize accessories, peripherals, and cases with company branding
  • High failure rates due to accessory design and durability flaws drive up program costs


  • Our team of creative experts will brainstorm and design solutions that solve your challenges
  • With our custom products, we can cut costs, save time, and increase end-user productivity
  • We can build accessories and peripherals that include company logos and match custom color pallets for easy identification
  • Our custom solutions can increase the durability of clips, straps, and cases vs. off-the-shelf OEM products improving the ROI of your mobility program
Stratix Services
  • Consultative design thinking sessions with the key stakeholders to understand the business use case and end-user requirements
  • Complete in-house engineering, design, prototype building, testing, and complete manufacturing to meet an organization’s deployment schedule
  • Purpose-built accessories and peripherals for custom uses or to replace original OEM components
  • Cost-effective solutions that exceed your expectations
Key Business Benefits
  • Accessories and peripherals that enhance the end-user experience and device functionality while decreasing the risk of hardware damage
  • Save time, cut costs, and drive better productivity with a unique service that is economical, flexible, and includes low-cost design options
  • An OEM-agnostic partner that can engineer, design, and build custom accessories and peripherals for any device type
  • Latest 3D-printing technology in metal and plastics for high-quality in-house prototyping and speedy, efficient production—enabling agile end-user testing and decision making

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. We don’t try to force-fit an off-the-shelf solution into your enterprise mobility strategy. If you need something custom, then we’ll study the problem and solve it for you.