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9 Ways the Connected Truck Improves Fleet Performance


Seamlessly Digitize Fleet Management, Maintenance and Delivery

Mobile devices transform paper operations into fast, accurate digital processes that provide better real-time data.

1. Save Money with Optimal Routing
Intelligent navigation apps on dashboard-mounted tablets help save time and improve fuel efficiency.

2. More Efficient Dispatch
Digital HOS tracking tells dispatchers how much time drivers, helping improve load planning and service quality.

3. Conquer the Last Mile with One Device
Wireless devices equipped with purpose-built apps can be carried or mounted to complete a variety of tasks seamlessly.

4. Protect Data on Lost or Stolen Equipment
Sensitive fleet data stored on a device can be uploaded or wiped remotely – no need to return to the dispatch office

5. Multi-Purpose S Pen
The Samsung S Pen is perfect for capturing delivery signatures and quickly recording and transmitting notes to dispatch.

6. Enable Real-Time Shipment Notifications
Tablets with barcode scanning technology can capture and transmit freight tracking information in real-time.

7. Enable More Proactive Maintenance
Avoid breakdowns by scheduling additional maintenance based on truck performance rather than dashboard alerts.

8. Target and Improve Poor Driver Habits
Mobile devices can monitor driving behavior like braking to inform safety incentive programs and prevent wear and tear.

9. Save Time on Daily DVIRs
Digitizing DVIRs means vital inspection information and photos can be captured in a few simple taps. Transform your fleet’s performance with mobile tech.

Drive fleet efficiency with fleet management technology incorporating Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solutions from Stratix and Samsung.

How to Modernize Fleet Management with Mobile Technology

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