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Enabling Student Success

Solution Brief

Technology empowers students through “connection”

When every student has the same access to resources and tools through ubiquitous technology, they begin at the same starting point in higher education, and that’s critical to enabling student success. Classroom engagement is higher when course materials have the richness and interactivity that are now possible in digital presentations. When experiences are aligned and helpful, students feel more connected to each other and the school. It drives equity, retention, and higher grades.

Apple Changes the Campus Experience

Student Technology
  • Packages tailored to degree programs, such as Mac® for science and business and iPad® with keyboard and pen for social sciences.
  • Students receive devices upon enrollment as part of on-boarding to ensure equality.
  • Incentives for students to keep devices when they graduate.
Easy for Faculty
  • Apple® professional learning programs for instructors.
  • Ubiquitous programs and curriculum delivered online.
  • Students on a level playing field for technology.
Brand Connection
  • All devices have school branding.
  • Students feel valued and supported for success from day one, and enrollments stay high.
  • Devices become brand ambassadors anywhere students go with them and after they graduate.
Program Funding
  • Cost of equipment built into degree technology fee
  • Funded over several years, and students can keep or buy at graduation depending on selected options
  • Wi-Fi connectivity or subsidized carrier data plans

Student Success with Apple is Even Better with Stratix

Deploying devices and just hoping for the best doesn’t work. Trust industry leader Stratix to support Apple devices, students, and faculty to ensure success.

  • Easy deployment of custom-branded devices that are kitted for the program and preloaded with the correct applications and textbooks
  • 24x7x365 technical support because students pull all- nighters
  • Unified endpoint management for secure and updated devices
  • Customizable support for 2, 3, and 4-year programs
  • Device repair and replacement
  • Stratix’s proprietary itrac360 for complete visibility of device lifecycles and deployments across the student body and departments
  • Flexible financing options, including student-paid programs, leases, and buy back

Build a Model for Success

The benefits of implementing a student success program featuring Apple are huge for students, faculty, and administration. The challenge is implementation. With our team of certified Apple experts at your side, you benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge so that programs can focus on learning and success, not technology challenges.