Mobile technology is woven into the fabric of the modern enterprise, but managing it remains challenging for businesses across many verticals, including retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing/supply chain, and several other industries. With those challenges, a number of misconceptions—let’s just call them “myths”—have taken hold as part of the conventional wisdom.

You’ve heard these before:

  • Mobile technology moves too fast to keep up
  • Managing the entire lifecycle of my mobile devices is prohibitively expensive
  • If I do it in-house, it’s much easier
  • My current IT support team has the resources and know-how for Day-2 support of my mobile devices
  • Although I have to engage it as part of modern technology, mobile can’t grow my business!

The common thread running through all of these “myths” is that enterprises usually encounter these issues when they take the DIY (do-it-yourself) route in creating an effective end-to-end mobility program for their employees.

For deeper insights into why these myths don’t hold up, read our eBook, Mythbusters: The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Managed Mobility Services.

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