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Israeli Headquartered, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Case Study

Carrier plan and expense operation for a quarter of a million assets


The multinational pharmaceutical company found it impossible to maintain mobile cost optimization with so much variability in carrier plans. The company was searching for a way to efficiently keep up with analyzing constant changes in carrier plans and assessing the company’s mobile use to eliminate unnecessary costs.


Stratix leveraged our Encompass platform to aggregate all the required data sources from the pharmaceutical company’s systems and carrier systems to automate timely analysis of carrier plans, mobile usage trends, and patterns with actual costs. This delivers critical insights at the point-of-action, enabling Stratix to have a full picture of how to make adjustments that maintain optimal mobile spend.


With a quarter of a million assets under management, it was invaluable that Stratix was able to provide peer-to-peer benchmarks for the pharmaceutical company’s carriers, end usage, and applications. With this visibility, Stratix was able to make recommendations that saved the company $3.5 million in the first year.