Apple’s March Peek Performance event featured exciting announcements for both consumers and pro users. Apple is always laser-focused on the user experience, which it’s making better and more seamless from product to product—whether you’re a home user or someone using a device for critical business operations. 

M1 Ultra 

Apple unveiled the newest member of its Apple Silicon chip family. It says the M1 Ultra is the world’s most powerful chip for a personal computer,  delivering industry-leading performance per watt. Putting two M1 Max chips together—and supporting 128GB of RAM—the M1 Ultra is eight times faster than the standard M1 chip. It’ll be available in the new Mac Studio.  

Mac Studio and Studio Display 

With Mac Studio, users will enjoy the standout performance that Mac is known for in pro communities, such as rendering massive 3D environments and 18 streams playback of ProRes video. And with the new Studio Display and the giant 27-inch, 5K Retina display, 12MP Ultra-Wide camera with Center Stage, and a high-fidelity six-speaker sound system with spatial audio, the home office or post-production house just became more immersive and capable of delivering at the highest level. 

iPhone SE 

Enterprises often took to the iPhone SE to replace rugged handheld devices with a more modern and familiar platform/interface for their workforce, so the new iPhone SE is a powerful tool for business. It brings the faster speeds and lower latency of 5G along with more durability and longer battery life. Top use cases include leveraging the benefits of the improved camera system for scanning and photo documentation. The phone has not only a great starting price but also a more future-proof platform thanks to the continually higher performance components for the use cases of today AND tomorrow. With Tap to Pay announced by Apple in February, it’s easy to see how a contactless consumer world will become even better and more seamless with iPhone when businesses bring the feature to their employees and customers—very exciting transformations are coming to businesses of all sizes! 

iPad Air 

And to round out the product announcements, the new iPad Air (5th generation) ups the power and performance with an M1 chip and ultra-fast 5G, so you’ve got an excellent enterprise-ready device to handle the most demanding use cases out in the field or in the office. The 8-core CPU gives up to 60 percent faster performance, and the 8-core GPU has up to 2x faster graphics performance compared to the previous iPad Air.  


In summary, the strength of the Apple platform for the enterprise just got even stronger with the M1 chip upgrades and the improved products coming out. Apple Silicon chips are giving end users a smoother and more streamlined Apple experience from product to product. With every product announcement, you’re getting more of a near-identical interface, no matter your device. It’s just one of the reasons businesses are switching to the Apple platform. Their employees already know it, love it, and often demand it in the workplace, no matter where that workplace may be. After all, “a happy employee is a productive employee,” as Erin Davis says

So, what will Apple do next? We’ll all be poised and waiting for WWDC ’22 announcements