A self-ordering kiosk provides customers autonomy, speed and access to purchase exactly what they want when visiting your stores. They can be used for linebusting order placement (e.g. deli items; menu items; high value-locked purchases), inventory look-up and locator services, as well as Buy In-Store, Ship to Home for not-in-stock items and sizes.

When your kiosk program has the right technology and right partnerships to help you deploy and support it, you’ll create happy customers every single time!


  • Enterprise-grade tablets such as the iPad Mini 4
  • Ingenico Moby 8500 payment pinpad enabling all card-based payment methods – including EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless
  • InVue CT300 Tablet PoS Stand providing a rugged, fully-powered enclosure and dynamic PoS experience that can easily transition from stationary to mobile usage.
  • Zebra ZD620 Bluetooth-enabled desktop printer to generate high-quality receipts


  1. Consult with our Design Engineering “chefs” to create a custom branded enclosure, including everything from design to prototype, piloting and testing to ensure the self-service viability of all components.
  • Let us gather your ingredients and stage your mobile solution in the industry’s most advanced Mobile Integration Center – capable of mirroring your in-store environment and ensuring effective integration.
  • Add industry-leading 24x7x365 mobile help desk remote support from our on-shore Mobile Operations Center to ensure minimal disruption to your in-store operations.
  • Stir in a strong dollop of our best-in-class Mobile Lifecycle Management expertise – repair and spare pool management programs that can ship replacement devices as early as same day.
  • Top with a heaping spoonful of the value-added services of trusted technology partners that can quickly deploy personnel to any US-based location to swap out and set up replacement kiosk components (e.g. tablet, card reader, etc.)
  • Watch carefully with 360-degree visibility of your entire mobile ecosystem via our powerful and customizable itrac360 visibility dashboard.


Once it’s baked to perfection, look forward to:

  • Save the sale with inventory look-up and Ship to Home for sizes and items not in store.
  • Increase sales with add-on convenience of in-store ordering
  • Improve productivity of employees – serving deli counters, restaurant ordering and high value items fulfillment.
  • Enhance loyalty by providing a superior in-store experience.

To truly make this work, seek out the largest pure-play MMS provider – serving nine top retailers. Let us provide the “how” on how to create value via a truly smart mobile strategy crafted to increase productivity, boost sales and strengthen your brand.

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