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Solution Brief

In the modern retail environment, your store associates need to be empowered with comprehensive customer insights and product data from multiple channels to engage customers, drive their loyalty and save potential lost sales.

When your mobile technology and services for assisted selling, or “clienteling”, are well-deployed and well-supported, you’ll establish and strengthen long-term relationships with your customers that will fuel sales for years to come!


  • Enterprise-grade tablets such as the iPad Mini 4 running mPoS platforms such as Mad Mobile Concierge to enable associates to connect with customers to drive store traffic, deepen loyalty and increase sales
  • Ingenico iSMP4 payment pinpad enabling all payment methods – including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe and NFC/contactless cards or mobile wallets
  • Ingenico KIT351655 Bluetooth-enabled iPad Mini 4 Wi-Case to provide charging and lightweight, ergonomic support and protection.


  1. Order from our Mobile Solution Architect “chefs” a SmartMobile blueprint to design, build, set up and configure a comprehensive mobility strategy.
  • Let us extensively test your apps and devices prior to deployment in our advanced Mobile Integration Center – capable of mirroring your in-store environment and ensuring effective integration.
  • Bake for 120 days with fast and accurate technology deployment to all of your locations and in-store associates.
  • Bring it all together by enrolling your devices in enterprise-grade Mobile Device Management (MDM) to push configuration and app updates to your devices.
  • Add industry-leading 24x7x365 mobile help desk support from our on-shore Mobile Operations Center to ensure minimal disruption to your in-store operations.
  • Quickly swap out any “burnt” goods via our best-in-class Mobile Lifecycle Management expertise – repair and spare pool management programs that can ship replacement devices as early as same day.
  • Enjoy 360-degree visibility of your entire mobile ecosystem via our powerful and customizable itrac360 visibility dashboard.


Once it’s baked to perfection, look forward to:

  • Using customer insights to anticipate their needs before they enter the store
  • Messaging to customers to help create appointments and share product ideas
  • Sending links to customers to spur online sales even when the customer is not in the store

To truly make this work, seek out the largest pure-play MMS provider – serving nine top retailers. Let us provide the “how” on how to create value via a truly smart mobile strategy crafted to increase productivity, boost sales and strengthen your brand.

Recipes that Boost Sales

Our team of mobility solution architects have crafted retail mobile technology 'recipes' to boost sales, build loyalty and create happy customers.

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