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The Perfect Line Busting Program

Solution Brief

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) functionality is critical to quickly ring up sales wherever your customers are and reduces lengthy waits that can damage your brand, but only when the technology works.

When your mPoS solution has the right technology and partnerships to help you deploy and support it, you’ll wipe out long, tiresome lines and quickly put lasting smiles on your customers’ faces!


  • Enterprise-grade tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running mPoS platforms to enable frictionless sales throughout the store
  • Ingenico iSMP4 payment pinpad enabling all payment methods – including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe and NFC/contactless cards or mobile wallets
  • Zebra ZQ310 Bluetooth-enabled mobile thermal printer to generate high-quality receipts wherever your customers are
  • An enclosure case to reduce clutter and integrate all of your mobile technology


  1. Consult with our Mobile Solution Architect “chefs” to craft the ideal program for your in-store mobile technology needs and engage in thorough piloting and testing to ensure the viability of your hardware, software and services.
  • Let us gather your ingredients and stage your mobile solution in the industry’s most advanced Mobile Integration Center – capable of mirroring your in-store environment and ensuring effective integration.
  • Bake for 90 days with fast and accurate technology deployment to all of your locations and in-store associates.
  • Add industry-leading 24x7x365 mobile help desk support from our on-shore Mobile Operations Center to ensure minimal disruption to your in-store operations.
  • Top with a heaping spoonful of our best-in-class Mobile Lifecycle Management expertise – repair and spare pool management programs that can ship replacement devices as early as same day.
  • Watch carefully with 360-degree visibility of your entire mobile ecosystem via our powerful and customizable itrac360 visibility dashboard.


Once it’s baked to perfection, look forward to:

  • Increasing sales with fast and convenient customer checkout
  • Saving sales that might have been lost in long, frustrating lines
  • Enhancing customer loyalty by providing a superior in-store experience
  • Providing capacity to scale up to respond to seasonal demand spikes

To truly make this work, seek out the largest pure-play MMS provider – serving nine top retailers. Let us provide the “how” on how to create value via a truly smart mobile strategy crafted to increase productivity, boost sales and strengthen your brand.

Recipes that Boost Sales

Our team of mobility solution architects have crafted retail mobile technology 'recipes' to boost sales, build loyalty and create happy customers.

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