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Insurance Companies Can Improve Claims Adjuster Productivity with Premium Mobile Devices  

Written by Ian Slack

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Large insurance companies frequently see the challenge of claims adjusters in the field wanting to use the latest digital tools for their jobs but keep having technical challenges. Poor connectivity can be a significant issue, as adjusters must have reliable connections for video chats with customers and collaboration with coworkers. Applications for estimating claims and processing them run too slowly—meaning poor user experiences for customers and employees. The technical problems mean that companies aren’t getting the needed productivity from adjusters. Many return to older pen and paper workflows in the field because they’re frustrated with their technology. 

How Stratix solves the challenge 

Because companies often don’t have the internal resources and expertise needed to solve the problem, they reach out to Stratix. Leaders want adjusters to leverage the latest digital tools available in the industry. The solution has to be user-friendly, highly reliable, and easily available to thousands of employees across the country. Negative experiences with previous technology emphasize that the new solution has to work well from day one with zero hiccups. 

The first step for Stratix solutions architects is gaining a thorough understanding of what’s needed. We hold workshops with company leaders and adjusters to look at workflows, use cases, the types of applications to be utilized, and what pain points have been in the past. 

Next, the Stratix team puts together a pilot project with a small number of adjusters to test possible hardware and software solutions. Based on the feedback, they improve the design until they have a holistic mobility blueprint proven to deliver the desired outcomes. 

A solution that works 

Stratix has had great success in many of our solutions with Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ tablets that are lightweight and easy to use. Stratix kits and configures them at our advanced Mobile Integration Center in Atlanta and can ship them directly to the homes of adjusters across the country out-of-the-box-ready. Adjusters simply turn them on, log in, and are ready to go. Stratix’s onshore help desk technicians are always just a phone call away if they have any questions. With a 72+ average NPS score, our experts quickly solve challenges to minimize downtime. 

For adjusters in the field, the blazing-fast 5G connectivity of the Tab S8+ means video conferencing is ultra-reliable. The big screens, quad-speaker sound, auto framing, ultra-wide camera, and noise-canceling microphone make the experience exceptional. The tablets can be kitted with the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard, which turns them into a mobile workstation. The included S Pen makes note-taking and drawing a snap. 

Because the Tab S8+ comes with a powerful processor, custom applications for claims processing run faster and more reliably. Uploading pictures and information takes far less time. Adjusters use augmented reality for damage inspection, which improves their estimates’ accuracy. 

Great business outcome 

With a solution like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, companies can get productivity gains that give them a significant competitive advantage. The feedback from adjusters is very positive. If there are technical problems, Stratix help desk technicians are there to help solve them or get a replacement device in the hands of the employee overnight. Customer feedback improves too. Many say they appreciate the way their claims are handled with speed and expertise. 

Companies have a much better holistic view of their mobile device environments thanks to the proprietary Stratix itrac360 platform. With it, they know where devices are—from deployment to retirement—and the data helps with more accurate forecasting of repair rates, spare pool management, and future technology purchases. 

Internal IT leaders say having Stratix take over the mobile technology management for adjusters frees up their teams to focus on digital transformation projects in other areas. The success of such projects—combined with the robust Stratix support system—improves the image of IT within companies.