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Mobile Deployment Programs Made Easy

Our expert capability to deploy the right mobile technology program configured to the individual employee, at scale, delivers a personalized mobile experience right out of the box.

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Premium Mobile User Experience

You built your mobile programs to support employee productivity and efficiency, so they can provide superior customer experiences. Any time wasted on devices that are not ready to go, properly configured for the end user – or that don’t arrive when expected – impacts productivity, satisfaction and usage. Entrust your mobile deployment to Stratix, from day one we deliver a stress-free mobile program tailored to every employee’s needs.


Stratix SmartMobile Integration & Deployment

Superior Mobile Deployment

We’ve built the industry’s most advanced, high speed Mobile Integration Center to stage and deploy your mobile technology, software, and accessories – at scale, on time, and on budget. Our automated, proprietary staging tools mirror your mobile environment real-time ensuring rapid and accurate execution when seconds matter.

Mobile Device Provisioning Key Benefits


We provide consultation and detailed project plans for designing and testing configuration and carefully planned first articles and prototypes that meet your unique project requirements.

Sophisticated Support Infrastructure

We support Wi-Fi and LTE service with all major carriers to enable rapid scale and setup for staging thousands of devices on a daily basis.

Expertise-driven Integration

We seamlessly integrate technologies from multiple vendors to create and support an agnostic enterprise mobility program customized and optimized for your needs.

Quality Assurance Validation

We capture, verify, and validate provisioning data to rigorously ensure the accurate customization of devices at the scale you need.

Fast Deployment

We quickly and accurately engage expert resources for each step of the project to ensure on time, on budget deployments.

End-to-End Visibility

We capture and track detailed asset and end-user profile information that will remain with the device for its entire life cycle.

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