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The Payoff that Comes with Good Solution Design


Dipesh Hinduja, Director of Mobile Solutions Architecture, explains how good mobile program design begin with a thorough understanding of an organization’s needs, workflows, and desired outcomes. Solutions are then tailored and customized to meet those goals.

Video Script

Here at Stratix, we like to take the first few projects we do with the customer and put a lot of time into the planning phase for a few key reasons. One of them is to develop the mobility blueprint that could then be used with that customer over and over again, to ensure that mobility becomes a key part of a successful technology rollout for them.

When this is done correctly, when the planning is executed well, and the mobility blueprint comes through, what we see often is that projects accelerate. The first one may take a little longer, but the projects after that are quicker and faster and give a better ROI. We’ve seen it get to the point with a lot of our customers that it’s gone from a mobile first mindset to a mobile only where they only want to deploy mobility projects now because it’s so much easier and so much quicker, so much more reliable to get right.