Meet Our CEO - Stratix

Meet Our CEO


Meet Stratix CEO & President, Louis Alterman and listen to what he wants people to know about Stratix.

Video Script

Hi, I’m Louis Alterman. I’m the president and CEO of Stratix.

Stratix is North America’s largest and most experienced, pure play managed service provider. We serve the world’s largest and most iconic brands, and we deliver always on managed mobility services to help them with their business and their customers.

What I really want people to know about Stratix is that we’re customer obsessed. Our customers give us feedback all the time that we are the absolute best in the industry and making sure that they stay always on with their mobile ecosystem and taking care of their own customers.

Customer obsessed isn’t a mindset. It’s a set of capabilities, technologies, and talent that we bring in to make sure that everything we do results in the optimal outcome for our customers.

Customers want to work with Stratix because we’re nimble. We actually take the time to get to know their business. We have experts who really understand mobile ecosystems. We have logistics expertise that really helps make sure devices are where they need to be when they need to be there. We have a portal and set of technologies and software that helps people track and keep track of their entire fleet. And most importantly, we’re customer obsessed and we are really, really passionate about delivering.