Ross Homans, Vice President of Operational Programs at Stratix, explains things organizations need to think about end of life for a mobile device?

Video Script

What are some things organizations need to think about end of life for a device?

Well, the first thing I think about is security that at the end of the device life cycle, there needs to be some level of a certificate of data destruction to make sure if there’s any sensitive information, still resident residential device or company information that it’s removed and it’s documented. The other part has to do with an environmental risk. You know, when we’re looking at device destruction, we’re looking at R2 and e-Stewards standards to make sure that the components are separated and sent through the proper recycling channels.

Customers may also miss out on asset recovery dollars. Oftentimes this equipment may have some residual value in it, and we can help our customers assist in maximizing that dollar buyback to maybe fund the new device refresh.

If the equipment is leased, it may need to get back to the leasing company with it, but by a specified deadline. And so, we can help customers manage that and make sure there’s no penalties at an end of lease for sending back damaged equipment or missing equipment.