Together, Stratix and Samsung help you transform fleet operations with mobile technology that seamlessly connects your team of dispatchers, drivers, and distribution centers.

The combination of Stratix’s market-leading enterprise mobility management services and Samsung’s innovative mobile solutions enable you to capitalize on the opportunities offered by new technology.

You can stay compliant with evolving regulations, improve driver retention, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. All of which adds up to stronger competitiveness, lower business risk and enhanced profitability.

Challenges facing the transport industry

While competitive and cost pressures are narrowing your profits, new government mandates are making it even harder to stay on the road. You need to comply with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates and lengthy Department of Transport (DoT) rules and regulations, especially with regard to visibility of driver hours of service.

You’re also under pressure to ensure driver safety, meet customer expectations for shorter delivery timeframes and increase driver satisfaction – making it easier to attract and retain in-demand drivers, and reduce the costs of recruitment.

Being able to harness the power of telematics to achieve the optimum cost:efficiency ratio is now critical. You need to address everything from improving vehicle efficiency, repair and maintenance to optimizing routes and reducing downtime.

With the industry undergoing a digital transformation that can increase driver retention, improve operational efficiency and protect profitability, you need to be sure you have the right mobility program. One that ensures you can keep up with the latest regulations for ELDs and track-and-trace.

Beyond ELD: the opportunities open to you About Stratix

Although basic ELD compliance is an initial trigger for many operators, the potential benefits of deploying mobile-enabled solutions in vehicles go well beyond basic compliance. The opportunities include:

  • Boosting driver retention by enhancing driver experience
  • Improving efficiency by enabling telematics-based fleet and route optimization
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction through better asset tracking and driver communications
  • Strengthening safety by tracking vehicle status and driver performance
  • Reducing downtime through use of remote diagnostics

All of which adds up to reduced risk and higher profitability.

Stratix solutions

Stratix’s market-leading mobility management solutions include: