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Traditional Clinical Trial Data Collection Encumbered Company’s Ability to Get to Market First

Case Study

EMM solution delivers security, accuracy, and transparency for the development of life-saving medications.


A global pharmaceutical company was struggling to stay competitive in the development of new drugs to meet growing patient demand and getting those drugs to market first. Clinical trial feedback data collection was a major hurdle in their ability to gain FDA approval. Their mobile device management system was ill-equipped to optimally manage a magnitude of record-keeping mobile devices dispersed to patients throughout the globe. Researchers relied on paper journals as backup to the electronic records they collected since they couldn’t completely trust the viability and accuracy of the information being shared—either in handwritten journal form or electronically collected. This made it difficult to ensure FDA approval, cutting into the company’s return on their drug development investments.


As a proven mobile device management partner, Stratix is positioned to deliver the support and success pharmaceutical partners need in this highly competitive market. Through a thorough consultation process, technicians worked with corporate leaders to identify a solution that would ensure beneficial outcomes. Globally supplying clinical trial patients with iPads that were configured, staged, and provisioned by Stratix was the first step. Each of these mobile devices were equipped with the specific applications patients needed to record their feedback. Extraneous applications were locked-out so as not to compromise the security of the devices. Corporate executives chose a single-platform enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that simplified multiple device management and provided security that ensured HIPAA compliance for patient information. The EMM’s stringent security protocols also protected the intellectual property of the trial’s discoveries. 


EMM streamlined the clinical trial process, including fewer patient hospital visits during trial, simplified monitoring of participants’ reactions, and more secure collection and analysis of patient feedback. The electronic data collection from trial patients delivered transparency, accuracy, and traceability which accelerated the FDA-approval process without compromising drug safety and effectiveness. Without the liability of millions lost in research dollars and years of painstaking trials, the pharmaceutical company was able to reinvest in the development of new life-saving and life-enhancing drugs. Stratix continues to support the success of the company with confidential help desk support and IT staff augmentation.