Why Customers Choose Stratix - Stratix

Why Customers Choose Stratix


Watch CEO & President Louis Alterman explain why Stratix is a trusted, long-term advisor for leading Fortune 500 brands, schools, and healthcare organizations—many of whom have been with us since the beginning.


Customers tell us that the world is heading towards mobile-only, and a lot of places, whether it’s taking care of customers on a curbside, outside of a quick-service restaurant or a retailer, or whether it’s other use cases inside of warehouses and distribution centers, mobile technology really can do everything that you need and it can have more flexibility and it can be more nimble for customers.

Customers want to work with Stratix because we’re nimble. We actually take the time to get to know their business. We have experts who really understand mobile ecosystems. We have logistics expertise that really helps make sure devices are where they need to be when they need to be there.

We have a portal and set of technologies and software that helps people track and keep track of their entire fleet. And most importantly, we’re customer obsessed and we are really, really passionate about delivering.

Stratix is north America’s largest and most experienced, pure play managed service provider. We serve the world’s largest and most iconic brands, and we deliver always on managed mobility services to help them with their business and their customers.

Stratix takes a vertical approach to go into market because we really need to understand our customer’s businesses to order in order to serve them the way that they deserve to be served. So we go really, really deep, whether it’s retail, whether it’s aviation, whether it’s manufacturing, education, or healthcare. We have experts who’ve really worked their whole careers in those fields who come to Stratix and help us understand not just the small details of a customer’s business, but really every detail of a customer’s business so that we can propose to them solutions that help them not only get more efficient, but also grow their top lines. Really, everything we do is to make sure that our customers can take care of their customers.

We have the most experience that anyone out there has in terms of managing mobile ecosystems, we have the most dedicated people. We have the technology and we have the expertise for every single industry that we serve to make sure that we’re taking the best possible care of our customers.

And we go to incredible length to make sure that businesses can serve their customers and deliver on the goals that they have.