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Global Leader in Antibody Technologies and Antibody Drug Candidates

Case Study

Managing a mobile environment to ensure superior user experience and cost-effectiveness.


Global pharmaceutical business operations are complicated and highly regulated. This global pharmaceutical company constantly invests in improving and expanding its use of mobile technologies, but wanted to limit the impact mobile initiatives would have on the IT headcount and telecom costs. However, with a distributed workforce and a diverse set of operations and regulatory requirements, the company would require deep technical expertise, operational experience, and the tactical capacity to respond to its rapidly changing global environment.


Stratix manages the pharmaceutical’s entire mobile environment, which includes device procurement and deployment, application deployment, server administration, and end-user support. Stratix is also responsible for maintaining a cost-effective mobile program and driving continuous improvements in operations and support. The pharmaceutical company’s users have given Stratix exceptional Net Promoter Scores across all lines of support based on the superior user experience and application success.