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The Role of Managed Mobile Service Providers in MCoEs

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In recognition of enterprise mobile’s ability to advance business transformation, an effective Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) brings all enterprise business units together for mobile idea generation and experimentation, planning, deployment, support and mobile ecosystem management. Many best-in-class organizations require that their Managed Mobile Services (MMS) providers take a seat at the MCoE table. 

MMS providers bring a unique perspective to MCoEs, and it is one that leverages agility, speed, risk minimization, best practices, deep experience specific to mobile and familiarity with mobile’s lightning fast evolution. 

MMS providers have built their own businesses on agility. They know how to prototype an idea quickly; test it with LOB, IT and user groups to gauge effectiveness; and incorporate changes based on feedback. These enterprise mobile leaders also understand the need to conduct these activities in ways that minimize risk to the business. Most companies need their LOB, IT and users focused on day-to-day operations – not mobile ideation and experimentation. 

In addition to this all-important agility, MMS providers bring an invaluable outside perspective to the MCoEs they support. Their outside view spans deep knowledge of proven best practices – from the customer’s market and dissimilar markets facing similar mobile challenges. For example, MMS providers have helped a range of companies create and implement enterprise mobile to increase operational efficiencies, better serve customers and create sustainable competitive advantage – goals shared by most companies regardless of market. 

In addition, MMS providers have implemented more mobile initiatives than an enterprise will see in its lifetime. MMS providers can apply industry best practices and lessons learned in the field to every initiative and project to improve mobile results. 

For more information about how MMS providers work with their customers to develop and operate MCoEs that drive adoption and transform operations, review the white paper, “Mobile Centers of Excellence Advance Enterprise Mobile”. This white paper is the final installment in Stratix’s executive briefing series about how MMS providers simplify the complexities of enterprise mobile to help their customers achieve their business goals.  

Mobile Centers of Excellence Advance Enterprise Mobile

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