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Our managed mobile services do all the heavy lifting from designing a mobile solution that meets your business needs to rolling it out, enterprise-wide. 

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Mobile solutions have lots of moving parts, devices, operating systems, management platforms, and carrier networks.  

We work with mobile all day, every day in just about every industry. That’s the experience you get when you work with Stratix.  

Our Managed Mobile Services do all the heavy lifting from designing a mobile solution that meets your business needs to rolling it out, enterprise-wide. If you already have a solution in place, we can help expand and upgrade your existing mobile ecosystem or take over your day-2 support.  

Every mobile project is different and personal, that’s why we work hard to understand what’s driving your mobile investments. We take the time to understand the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, and “When” that defines your employees’ mobile use case. We help you build a mobile strategy that will satisfy every user’s need, expectations and experiences.  

From here, we create your mobile blueprint: 

  • A technology evaluation  
  • A cost-effective way to secure the mobile devices and software management platforms  
  • Customized deployment 
  • Mobile policies 
  • Procedures and support services 
  • End User profiles 
  • Asset reporting requirements 

After we test the plan, we can say with confidence that it will satisfy your needs.