The airline industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and that isn’t limited to planes and cockpit technology. With the exciting possibilities now achievable with the latest mobile devices and 5G connectivity, many large international carriers want to upgrade the mobile technology used by their cabin crews worldwide. 

For example, airlines are pairing the iPhone® or iPad® with augmented reality applications for cabin workflows and immersive training experiences. The higher speeds and lower latency of 5G also mean faster connections to data in booking systems, luggage logistics, collaboration tools, and more. 

In cabin workflows like food and beverage service, crew members can use the iPhone or iPad to see what’s in storage compartments around the galley and quickly assess stock levels. Information can also be viewed via the Apple Watch® as crew members work with passengers in the cabin. It reduces the time spent searching when a passenger has a special request and ensures that items are replaced before they run out. For training with iPhone or iPad, crew members can see information specific to the plane model they’re flying, and the augmented reality shows them how to perform tasks like deploying emergency equipment. 

Prepared for Takeoff 

Changing the mobile devices used by airline employees isn’t something done casually. It’s mission-critical technology that can impact operations across the organization.  

The first step for the Stratix solution architects is developing a small-scale test project. Our team meets with airline leaders and cabin crew representatives to understand the goals and the desired technology. Thorough testing is done with experimental devices and applications. 

Stratix solution architects take the information from the test sessions and the feedback from the participants and adjust the mobile solution blueprint to ensure it delivers the desired outcomes. 

Inflight Success 

Once all the stakeholders have signed off on the concept, the project moves to the Stratix advanced Mobile Integration Center, where we kit and configure thousands of Apple devices monthly. Our proprietary systems ensure that all the required applications and endpoint management software are preloaded on each iPhone. 

They’re then shipped directly to flight crew members out-of-the-box ready. Part of the complex logistics of the deployment is ensuring the devices go to the right locations, as flight crews are always on the move. Stratix’s onshore help desk technicians are always just a phone call away to answer any questions. With an 72+ average NPS score, our experts understand the airline industry, its challenges, and how to solve them quickly. 

First-class Experience 

With all of the airline’s cabin crew members outfitted with a new iPhone or iPad, airlines can expect to see more productivity from employees and higher customer satisfaction. Augmented reality in the cabin is just one potential use case for the latest Apple devices. Areas like baggage logistics and maintenance are also possibilities. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us, and we’ll connect you with one of our solution architects.