Strategic Mobile Planning
Personalized Mobility Architected for Your Business

A Strategic Mobile Blueprint for Your Unique Business Needs

Maximize mobile’s benefits with a mobile readiness plan

During strategic mobile planning, Stratix focuses on security, technology and mobile management,
as well as the deployment and support requirements needed to deliver business results. Stratix leverages its 30 years
of enterprise mobile experience to collaboratively create a mobile readiness plan.

A Mobile Ecosystem Blueprint

Stratix outlines the solution conceptualization and design process, explains how proof-of-concept works in the field, and projects the return on your mobile investments.

Mobile Solution Design 

Strategic planning to navigate the rapidly changing mobility landscape

Personalized mobile, architected with blueprint precision, is within reach. Stratix creates a mobile solution designed to fit your  requirements with a clear path to ROI

  • Requirement gathering on business operations and end user functions
  • Start-to-finish project management
  • Mobile technology review including hardware, MDM, applications, security and compliance
  • Solution conceptualization with in-field proof of concept testing
  • Solution design including customer/user profile, device config, applications and policies

Stratix Resources

At Stratix, we understand how to deliver mobility into the enterprise and support the people who depend on it. Our mobile solution architects focus on understanding your mobility needs to design a unique blueprint for your business.

What is Your Biggest Mobility Challenge?

Get information and insight that is personalized to your exact needs.